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Very interesting.  An “eye-opening” experience. Very good.  Thank you very much for such an enlightening experience.


Excellent!  Very informative. Thank you so much.


I contacted Colin after coming out of a 30-year relationship as I wasn’t handling things at all well.  He was very sensitive as to how I was feeling and never judgmental.  I found him very easy to talk to. He has a way of explaining things that makes so much sense and the techniques he uses really do work.After only six sessions with Colin, I feel that I have turned a corner.

My future looks so much brighter with me in control again.  I now have my life back on track, but would not hesitate to use Colin’s services again should the need arise – and would definitely recommend him to anyone who is coming to terms with a relationship breakdown. Thank you again, Colin, for helping me get through one of the most difficult periods of my life. 


I first met Colin Porter through a friend; he is very likable and I felt comfortable with him straight away.  I had been troubled for some time and talking with Colin really helped, I wanted to move forward in my life and not be scared to leave the past behind. He was always ready to offer a solution, a way to cope with my problem, he never judged me or made me feel he was talking down to me – if there was something I didn’t understand he was patient and explained it again until I understood.As Colin talked, the sense of peace I was feeling was so calming. He talked and I listened and that is when the spiritual healing took place.  Colin said all he did was open the doors and I did the rest but he is naturally unassuming so I’m sure he was more involved than that!  Since that session with Colin, I feel so much better overall: much calmer – and I understand what I have to do now to live a full and happy life.  Looking forward, not back!  I would not hesitate to recommend Colin to anyone who can make use of the services he has on offer. 


Colin was a first class tutor.  He instilled confidence into the group.  Everyone participated and felt able to speak out in public.  I can now see how my pattern of thinking is affecting my life and also the areas in which I can improve.


Although I already understood the “Law of Attraction” Colin made it simpler, giving us a better understanding of it.  All hand-outs were professional, interesting, and informative.  Excellent Workshop!  Good luck with all future ones.


Colin has a craving where blocks are concerned, and helps to work to remove them.  He presents with unconditional love and has a willingness to help people to realise their higher selves.


I found the workshop was very well explained, especially how the conscious mind affects the subconscious.